National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is fast approaching and there are a lot of great free professional development webinars and resources for YOU! Not sure what to join? There are lots of options to choose from! Check out some recommendations below.    Read More »

MyAccountingLab Gets Students Working More to Learn More at Mission College

Betty Christopher from Mission College uses MyAccountingLab in her Principles of Accounting A and B courses. She assigns 12 homeworks through MyAccountingLab and also conducts her chapter tests, midterm, and final through the program.     Read More »
Romas uses MyAccountingLab for more than 78 percent of the final course grade in his Financial Accounting course. Homework, exams, practice exercises and quizzes were all conducted through MyAccountingLab. Romas also strongly encourage students to use the study plan prior to doing the practice exercises.    Read More »

Best Practices: Settings for Homework in MyAccountingLab or MyFinanceLab

In a homework assignment, students will have access to learning aids such as Help Me Solve This, videos, a calculator, and more based on their instructor’s preferences.    Read More »

Jumpstart Students with MyLab Tutorial

I have found that students need to better understand how to use a MyLab to support my course requirements. In order to overcome this challenge and get students to using a MyLab quickly I created a video tutorial.     Read More »


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