My Accounting & Finance Community is Moving

This community is being taken offline and merged into the My Business School Community. All of the content you've had access to on My Accounting & Finance Community will be available shortly at this new community location. We appreciate your patience while we complete the update and encourage you to register as a member to continue the conversation.    Read More »

Highlighting Student Successes

In online education, giving students recognition might look a little different. You’re no longer looking in your desk drawer for the special stamp used in a brick and mortar setting.    Read More »

Help Me Help You: How Students Can Create Their Own Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is hard because it moves the ownership from the teacher to the student. Luckily there is a road map for students to learn how to create their own personalized learning and they need us teachers to guide them.    Read More »

How Blended Learning Can Prepare Students for Future Careers

Blended Learning isn’t about teaching the tools, but the skills behind the tools. When my students use Google Hangouts or Skype, for instance, they aren’t learning how to use a tool, but instead are learning how to effectively collaborate using video chats    Read More »

Learning Beyond the Books

Everyone’s location has something to offer. Whether it’s a trip to a local landmark or exploring the foliage in your own backyard, showing students how your subject applies to real life is inspiring.    Read More »