Who's Speaking at Cite?

Cite’s keynote speakers feature Alec Couros, expert in social media in education and connected learning, Michael Fullan, leading expert in education reform, and Allison Cerra, author and expert in technology and business transformation.    Read More »
On the first day students log into the course in MyFinanceLab and see the entire course laid out for them. This gives students, “an immediate understanding of the course and the assignments they will be experiencing during the semester.” So, no surprises.    Read More »
The Britt Files, an exclusive video blog created for Pearson’s Higher Education Faculty Communities, focuses on tools and strategies that effectively enable better student outcomes. See what Michael Britt is talking about today.    Read More »
Looking for a program that enabled students to work at their own pace and provide assistance while students worked on problems, Professor Troy Sullivan from Middle Georgia State College began incorporating MyAccountingLab into this Principles of Accounting I and II courses.    Read More »

The Value of My Education – Arianna’s Story

Pearson Student Advisory Board member Arianna Brown-Harris talks at Pearson’s annual national meeting about overcoming adversity and the importance of her education in her life and the lives of her family.    Read More »


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